When you’re planning your wedding details, think about your wedding time-line and talk to your groom about making an exit – similar to the entrance you made at the beginning of your reception. It will be a great memory and fabulous photo-op. I know it’s hard to leave before your guests. Every bride wants to savor every moment till the very end, but I’m telling you from experience, you’ll have a better memory of saying good-bye and then running through a crowd of cheering people. It would be a little sad to be the last ones to leave the ballroom, all dressed up and holding a box with the top of the cake in it. All the tables stripped, the band gone and the dim lights switched to full power.

Prepare a Format for your wedding reception.
Below is a common format that is time tested.

Arrival of guests –
  Background music playing

Introduction of wedding party (optional) --    Order of entrance is: Parents of Bride, Parents of Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer, Special Guests, Best Man and Maid of Honor, Bride and Groom.

Grand Entrance of Bride and Groom –     Formal entrance music or you can choose your special song.

Blessing (optional) –    Can be done by your clergy or family.

Serve Meal –    Individual serving or buffet line is acceptable. The Bride and Groom are first to be served.

Toasts --    Best Man should toast first, then others.

Cake Cutting Ceremony –    Ask guests to bring their camera. This is a special time, so be gentle and thoughtful.

First Dance Bride and Groom –    The First Dance is sometimes done immediately after the grand entrance. Have your special song ready for the dj.

Father Daughter Dance –    If there are step-fathers there, have dj invite stepfather to come up about half way through the song. If your father is not in attendance be sure to tell the dj.

Mother and Groom’s Dance –

Other Special Dances –    Example: If someone dear to you has passed you might ask the dj to play
Angles Among Us (by Alabama )

Bouquet and Garter Toss –    Ask the dj to officiate this important event.

All Join on the dance floor –    This is where the experience of the dj comes in, getting people on the dance floor. Give the dj what type of music that you want and don’t want. Allow them latitude as they will play what your guests and you respond to.

Closing dance –    A special closing song or playing your first song again works well here.
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