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today is a happy day

THIS is a happy moment


Aug. 06

I'd say I'm "OK", But I"m not... I've gone beyond "OK" and entered the realm of "AMAZING"............... H.T.


A letter from a 12 3/4 year old client:

Harvey, ......... It was so nice to meet you. Guess what, I just made class President!! I know my new found confidence helped make this happen. Thank you for helping me.


A letter from his mother ....

Dear Harvey,

There are no words to express my heart felt thanks to you! My son (name witheld) is a new person! His confidence and self esteem are so high now!! He has a new outlook on life! He ran for class President at school, and he won!! He went into the race with this positive attitude, he actually told me he knew he would win! I can't even put into words how appreciative I am to you! You brought out the boy I knew he could be!!

Coming to you was a life changing experience, not only for my son but for our entire family! You can't even begin to imagine how much this problem affected our family.


Harvey, if you ever need a referral I would be very pleased to share my experience in the session. It was a very safe environment and I was fully engaged in what was taking place. The best part, extremely positive and beneficial results really quick! Wowsers!



About Our June Meeting Program

Have you wondered what happened after my daughter Susan had been Hypontized by our June program guest? When Mr. Hunt asked what she wanted to change, she had said her "social anxiety", and then she mentioned her tummy upsets.

I asked Susan if the Hypnosis had worked for her. In her own words from an email,----

"Has it continued to work? Well, the 'gypsy fortune teller' in me says, Oh Yes! The research-oriented academic says I need more controlled studies. While attending several meetings at the University this summer, simply remembering to put my index finger thumb together when I feel anxious, and judging by the way I was able to relax, IT DOES SEEM TO WORK."


Hi Harvey

I've been meaning to write to you, but I've been sooooo busy. I just wanted to thank you for helping me. It's been over a month now and I haven't had even one day of depression. I feel like the same person as before, but I've noticed that I just don't get "worked up" easily and handle everything and everyone much better.

Thank you again Harvey!   I can't say enough good things about you!       Take care,    M


Aug. 04

Thanks for calling and checking in. I am doing VERY well right now. Interesting, I ate a candy bar tonight for the first time since I saw you in July. Had to talk myself into it when I went looking for a snack, but wanted to try it and see if it was as good as I thought. NOPE, didn't even taste all that good.... oh oh, am I not gonna like chocolate at all anymore?? LOL. And, I have had less than 2 qts of milk in the last three days- when I usually drink a gallon in 1 1/2 days !!!!! Amazing!



Dear "Jovan" . . . aka Harvey Hunt

On behalf of the American Cancer Society I would like to thank you for your generous contrubution to Relay For Life. Your Hypnotist show was the highlight of our 24 hour event! Not only was it absolutely hilarious, but your comments were educational and insightful. You were a joy to work with. It is our hope to have you as a regular at every one of our future Relays! In fact, I might get in trouble if I don't produce you again next year!

Again I thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future and having many more successful San Luis Relays!

Sincerely,  B.M.


Harvey "aka Jovan" is very professional in his work. Including him in the entertainment for your event will guarantee that your constituents will have a period of good, clean fun. I hope that you will consider "Jovan The Amazing Hypnotist" as a unique amusement for your event.


Dear Mr. Hunt ..... July 03

I wanted to thank you so much for coming in our class. I truly appreciated and enjoyed your presentation. I actually used your method about keeping calm in a argument, and it worked! I remembered what you said about me being in control.

You have also inspired me to try harder in school so I can do what I like when I get older, to be a psychiatrist, and to also set my goals higher, and to also believe in myself.

Being Hypnotised was definitely an eye opening experience. It was an amazing feeling of relaxation, and I tried it myself also.

Thank you again for your presentation,. I'm sure that it is something that I'll never forget. It was a great experience!!

Sincerely L.B.


I tell people who ask, it was kind of like a years worth of therapy in one session- the breakthrough in understanding, where some of my hurts and habits came from. It didn't cure me instantly, but it catapulted me up my road to recovery about a year! I have changed a lot of my thinking now, seeing where some of the emotions are coming from. I am doing really good now. Better than I have since I was a kid.


Hi Harvey,    (fear of driving)

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great trip home (to Montana) because "I was in control"!!!

Looking forward to seeing you both the next time we come down.

Our sincerest thanks,   Frank and Margaret


Paso Robles Rotary Club

Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for providing the program for our Rotary Club. The presentation was professional and entertaining. Most of our members did not have any prior knowledge of Hypnotism. They now have a good understanding of what it is.

Your handling of a subject was amazing, you were highly concerned about her welfare. You explained to her, and to the club what you were going to do and you did it.

Thank you again for an informative program.

Sincerely Yours, HS President



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