Harvey Hunt a local Hypnotist has launched an attack on ROAD RAGE.  Aggressive driving and road rage are not the same. 


Definition of aggressive driving: Committing one of these four offenses. Speeding, running a red light or stop sign, failure to yield the right of way and reckless driving. 


Definition of Road Rage: Sometimes begins with aggressive driving, but escalates to a physical assault (or an attempt) stemming from another drivers actions, accompanied by an uncontrolled anger and a disregard for safety.


Within the last year have you --- Made a hand or finger gesture at another driver? Made an unsafe move in traffic while feeling upset at another driver?  Cut off another driver that wants to pass? Honked at a driver blocking you in traffic?  Tailgated excessively? Darted in and out of traffic?    


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends

“Help reduce accidents”

  1. Do not challenge aggressive driver by matching their behaviors.
  2. Avoid making eye contact with aggressive drivers.
  3. Ignore obscene gestures made by aggressive drivers.
  4. Report aggressive driving to authorities, especially when it results in an accident


Road Rage is an expression of anger; this anger often comes from other places and is triggered by traffic events or by the actions of another driver.  In any case, anger control can be easily learned with Hypnosis.  Self-Help methods and personal Hypnosis sessions are available. Anger management classes and seminars are also available. Contact Harvey Hunt at 805 / 434-2171 for more information.  Or on the web.    our home page =  www.HarveyHunt.com